1.How to download from MODingly

Lets see how you can download mods from modingly.in for free...

2.Information about server sided apps

⏩ Apps that are server sided

🔸 Netflix Premium Subscription
🔹 Amazon Prime Premium Subscription
🔸 Hotstar VIP and premium
🔹 Kuku FM premium
🔸 Spotify Download Feature
🔹 Spotify Very High Music Quality
🔸 Gaana Download Feature
🔹 Remini Pro Cards or Free Cards limit
🔸 Textnow/2ndLine Call Credits
🔹 Calling Apps Credits
🔸 ExpressVPN Subscription
🔹 PhysicsWallah Subscription
🔸 Truecaller Gold Caller ID in the Call Reciever Handset
🔹 Nord VPN Subscription
🔸 StoryTel Premium
🔹 Some Dictionary Apps' Online Translate Feature
🔸 Unacademy Subscription
🔹 Flipkart, Amazon and all those online shopping apps
🔸 Many educational apps
🔹 Faceapp premium
🔸 Ads of some live TV apps
🔹 and many more....

⏩ what is this hotstar, prime and netflix mods?

🔸 Hotstar mod was available few years before but now they made everything server sided.
🔹 Hotstar, Prime, Netflix mods are basically apps like Beetv, Teatv, CinemaHD etc... whose logo, app name and strings have been changed
🔸 Another possibilty is injecting premium accounts.. such mods will stop working when too much people use the same app or when validity of premium account ends...
⚠️ Premium accounts are created by carding and by using hacked credit cards... Imagine yourselves in scenerio where your hard earned money is hacked by some carder and is used to buy netflix premium

⏩ Explain server sided features

🔸 Server sided features are features that are activated or verified in the app's server and not in the app itself. Most of such apps have a premium account. The server will first check if the account has premium or not, if account is eligible then the server allows that feature to the user that uses that account.
🔹 Official app of MODingly is a webview app. No matter how hard you try on the app you cannot removes ads from it directly because that app is actually a reflection of my website. Changes can be made on the website, only if they have my password and username 😉. Like that many live TV apps are web view apps so ads cant be removed.

3.Ban chance in whatsapp mods

🔹We have upload Whatsapp mods released by Foud MOkdad.. All are fully antiban and These mods contains 99.9% of the features that are ever developed in WhatsApp Modding development. So These are more than enough for You. You don't need really any Other WhatsApp Mod.
🔸No Matter, what Mod you are using, Using some Mod features, like Bulk Messaging, Forwarding to more than 5 users, 2nd Tick Privacy, Can lead you to Ban. It Applies on all Mods. So Watch Your activities.
🔹GBWhatsApp was officially discontinued in June 2019. So If You are using Any Fake GBWhatsApp Pro Ultra Max Mini Gold, You can get ban anytime.
🔸Don't Make so much hype about GBWA. it will come at its own time, let the developer work and Don't create pressure on Him. All Mods that were available in gbwa, are present in current WhatsApp Mods, Use them and Satisfy yourself.

4.Is the mods by MODingly safe?

We Upload only and only Secure Apks.We release mods only from verified sources and make sure that its malware free.. Even a slight doubt about the mod forces us to remove it from our website.
There is something called FALSE POSITIVE. It means the positive results virus total is showing are False.
Eg- Android.debug.PUAKey
this Result come when the apk is signed by Default Test Key. You can google for it. All Mods made By MODingly are signed By Default TestKey, so they show it

5. Why there are so Many Packages like com.whatsapp, com.fmwhatsapp, com.gbwhatsapp, etc ?

com.whatsapp is default Package name of WhatsApp. But In Some Phones, WhatsApp is Preinstalled or Present in Vendor of Your system, Because of that, The User is unable to install Modded com.whatsapp due to Different signature. In This Case, Different package helps. Different package can install & work seperately. It's also made to use more than one whatsapp accounts.

5. How to restore whatsapp chat?

Method 1- Universal

Recently WhatsApp Updates has changed the location of WhatsApp Data(Chat Backup, Media, Stickers) From Internal/WhatsApp to Android/media/com.whatsapp/WhatsApp. So If Your Data is at any of the defined Paths, Kindly Copy and Paste and keep the data at both Paths, so that Mod can detect the Backup easily. (FM & FM based Mods are detecting on Internal/WhatsApp)

Method 2

If You are on official whatsapp, & are able to install default package Whatsapp Mod. Go to Your Official WhatsApp Setttings/Chat Backup/Turn off backup to google drive/Never. Then take backup of your chats, Include Media or not is optional. Then Uninstall Official wa, Install Mod, Agree & continue, give storage & contact permissions, fill Number, OTP, Proceed, It will find the Internal Backup and ask you to restore. Click on Restore. DONE.

Method 3

If You are using Official WhatsApp, & want to Restore chats in different Package Like com.fm or com.gb, etc. Any Different Package like Com.gbwa, com.fmwa, com.yowa Look for Backup files in Their respective folders Like GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp. They don't Look into WhatsApp Folder. So To Restore your Chats,

There are two Options-

Option 1st- Copy Your Databases folder from Internal/Whatsapp, and Paste it in Internal>(FMWhatsApp/YoWhatsapp/GBWhatsApp)/Etc. Also Paste it in Android>media>(com.fmwhatsapp/com.yowhatsapp/com.gbwhatsapp/Etc)>(FMWhatsApp/YoWhatsapp/GBWhatsApp)/Etc)(Create the folder if doesn't Exist). and then Agree & continue, Fill number, Otp, And Restore the chats. In This Method Your Chats will restore, but not Media.


Option 2nd- Agree & Continue, On Phone Number input Page, In Many Mods, there is an option COPY DATA. click on that. It will automatically Copy your chat backup from whatsapp to FMWhatsApp/GBWA/YOWA Folder.then Fill otp and Restore the Chats. [Option2 Not Working in Latest FMWA V9.11 AND BASED MODS LIKE DELTA, DELTA ULTRA, AERO ETC]

Method 4

If You are using a Modded WhatsApp & want to switch to any Other Mod. If You are using com.wa default package Mod, then follow method of condition 1. If You are using different package Mod, then follow Method of Condition2/Option 1st.

Method 5

Red Restore feature Red Restore Button on the Start Page of WhatsApp Mod-
Many WhatsApp Mods have this feature, of Taking backup of everything in your whatsapp & then restore it as You left on uninstallation time, with red restore button. (No Need of Login, Full WhatsApp Restore)
Fmwa Titanium Backup will work on FMWA only (Package must be same)
NOWA Titanium Backup will work on NOWA only. (Package must be same)
WhatsApp Go Titanium Backup will work on Whatsapp Go Only. (Package Must be Same)
If You are using FMWA & want to switch to any Mod Based on FMWA (eg- DeltaYowa, Delta Ultra, AeroWA, and Many More). Then There are two options to Restore.
1st Option- Open FMWA, go to fm settings/Main Mods/Backup & Restore/Backup, Then Uninstall & Install Fmwa Based Mod (Must have same package name as Previously installed fmwa) & Click on Red Restore button when You open FMWA Based Mod.
2nd Option- Backup the chats into internal, Uninstall and install Fmwa based Mod & Login and restore Normally. (Don't click on Red Restore or copy data option).
Note- NOWhatsApp & WhatsApp Go also Use this titanium Backup & restore feature. But Their Backup will work in their Whatsapp Only. Nowa backup won't work in fmwa and whatsapp Go & Vice versa.