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Whatsapp direct chat generator tool is an awesome application that allows anybody to start a whatsapp chat with anybody without saving their phone number on their contact list.

This is an online WhatsApp tool to send a direct message to anyone without saving the number to your contact list. Send the direct message to WhatsApp online. Please enter phone number with country code e.g. +91 7499xxxx76

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Send Direct Message to Whatsapp


1.Open your web browser as well as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, and begin typing the URL

2.Now, you have to omit the last share (phone number) from the hyperlink as soon as the number you intend to chat, along with once the country and its region code.

3.Just later than in the previous method, do not enter any brackets () or sign -/+ or 00. Only type the country taking into consideration your region code (91 for India, 49 for Germany), encouragement on the number.

4.You will subsequently be associated with a web page having a declaration icon. On clicking the icon, a conversation considering the concerned one will establish in your WhatsApp application.

Whats more?

Wish to send WhatsApp Messages to people that are not in your contact list? Use Send Direct Message to Whatsapp tool by modingly to WhatsApp by just entering the number. Its that simple. WhatsApp is the world’s most used messaging and chatting app. Whatsapp has all the features one would want in a messaging app like voice chat, media sharing, etc (still i like telegram more). But you can’t still chat with an unknown number on WhatsApp without saving it in your contacts. However, with this WhatsApp without saving number online tool, you can easily WhatsApp any number without adding it to your contact list It happens a lot of times when we want to send a quick message to someone who is not on our contact list. In such a situation, you can use this free online tool to message or check an unknown number on WhatsApp without saving it in your contacts.

What will get sticking together of in a matter, where you have to send your location to a delivery processing? You save their number and send your living location not far away and wide away off from WhatsApp? This is an era-consuming process just to send a light location or even a proclamation to an unnamed number upon WhatsApp, right?

There is a brilliant gathering in the use of late accretion messaging apps, but yet the value and status of WhatsApp messenger are high in the puff. Not unaided for marketers, people including students, teachers, staff, and even our taxi drivers use this messenger app. It seems that WhatsApp has played an important role in connecting our lives and now, its a part of our simulation.

We use it to send some indispensable messages or even confessions to the members in our get your hands on into list. There are some people, whom you compulsion to send messages but don't ache to mount happening to your buttonhole list. You are just sensitive to sending WhatsApp messages without saving your number. It might be due to personal reasons, or you are not concerned just about them or deficiency to share some basic hint and don't compulsion to available them standoffish.

There might be many reasons for that. But, how to reach hence? It is practicable to text someone upon WhatsApp without even saving their number? Yes, it is realizable and it can be ended without any App. Using apps might compromise phone securities that one is not familiar with.

To chat taking into account that person, you have to first notice a WhatsApp partner which will later disclose you to begin a chat without saving the number.


We now conclude this benefit upon how to send WhatsApp messages without saving phone number in your right of entre list. One last narrowing to note is that, even even though third-party applications are to your liking to go, you should avoid using them, or if valuable, along with insisting by now downloading them. We would also to hear which method worked best for you. Kindly mention that in the comment section. Also, we within plenty limits any added updates from our readers. I really think that you understood how to send direct message in whatsapp without adding contact