Truecaller MOD apk v13.14.7 Gold

Download Truecaller mod apk with free lifetime gold version. Google drive backup works and all pro features unlocked for free
App name TrueCaller MOD apk
Version v13.14.7
Size 74 MB
Mod info Gold Version Unlocked
Mod Credits Balatan
Playstore visit playstore

Download TRuecaller (MOD, Premium Unlocked)

Download Truecaller mod apk with free lifetime gold version. Google drive backup works and all pro features unlocked for free

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Whats all about TrueCaller MOD apk

Although it is now the age of the internet, connecting with each other through phone calls is still the method of choice for many people. However, there are still a lot of issues that are still frustrating for phone users. Typically, you will rarely receive calls from unknown numbers. But, the salespeople still find the vulnerability and get information about your phone number.

Every few days, a strange number will call and contact with the intent to deceive. Sometimes strange numbers can also come from someone you know, but you have not saved the number on time. Are you wondering if you should pick up the phone or not? With useful features, TrueCaller MOD apk by MODingly will be a powerful assistant to help you identify the identity of the other end. Just a few taps, you can experience the application for free with the incredible utilities.

TrueCaller MOD apk – a great supporter

If you have problems with annoying phone calls, you will definitely need the right support person. This application will enable you to increase your need for phone communication. For example, in the past, calls to you now display the caller ID. In case you are bothered by IDs, you can find out more information about these people. Once you have traced the source, you should completely prevent the source of their disturbance. In addition, the application also has the ability to block annoying calls and SMS advertising. As long as the content is not needed, it will filter out. Of course, you are allowed to customize these.

Free Communication Anytime Anywhere

There are many applications such as Message, Snapchat, WhatsApp that allow you to communicate for free with the people around. And TrueCaller MOD apk too, however, this application only limits the scope of talking to those in the contacts list. Thanks to this feature, you will not be bothered by unfamiliar people and focus only on the important ones. The application also automatically distinguishes anonymous messages so as not to affect your important ones. In addition, this application also automatically blocks spam messages or messages advertising, marketing remotely. From now on, you won’t have a headache when you see your inbox filled with spam messages and take time to clean them up. And easily block people you don’t want to contact by blocking by name and subscriber number. You will never worry about being bothered by unwanted calls.

Powerful dialer

If it comes to the application that allows users to see the best caller ID available today, it is impossible not to mention TrueCaller MOD apk. Anyone, any number called, the app can provide you with the fastest caller ID possible. This is extremely useful for users to know who is calling for you, to avoid important, confusing calls into spam calls.

You can also view the names or anonymous numbers in the call history, so you don’t miss any calls. The app also has a community of users, which are always up to date on spam lists based on community contributions by millions of users around the world. So you can be assured of what the application offers, it is entirely safe and effective for your work.

Other cool features

There are lots of important phone calls that you need to remember or simply want to save the call with the people you love as a souvenir. Simple because the call recording feature of the application will meet that need and easily save the call content on your mobile device. Besides, the application also has many other useful features, such as you can both text and share your current location with your friends and relatives.

This will help people see each other more quickly without having to find the way. Use multiple emojis and dozens of themed stickers to make your conversation more interesting and lively. In particular, the application always ensures the user’s data is the best security, quickly backs up call history, contacts, messages, and backs them up on Google Drive.

Premium and Gold Package

TrueCaller MOD apk also offers two premium packages, Premium and Gold Membership, to meet your needs as well as offer the best features for you. With them, in addition to using the necessary features for free, you can also see in detail who is viewing your profile. Also, have the option to view other profiles secretly. Compared to the free version, this Premium version allows you to use unlimited recording functions and simultaneously chat with people without worrying about interstitial advertising.

This is an absolutely fantastic application for you. With a robust, useful feature set, simple yet professional interface, you can easily use it from the very first time. With all these advantages, TrueCaller MOD apk deserves to be the best communication support application today.

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