Speedtest by Ookla MOD apk v4.6.13 (Pro Unlocked)

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App name Speedtest by Ookla
Developer ookla
Version v4.6.13
Size 17.95 MB
Mod info Premium Unlocked
Credits Balatan
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Speedtest by Ookla premium mod apk is a by now ease-known internet computer graphics test application for all rotate platforms because of its unfriendliness and versatility that users can use anytime, anywhere. Moreover, the mobile platform is considered the most outstanding and impressive later than it integrates after many optional add-on tools and features, allowing users to check, commentator, and search all internet sources on the subject of them. Of course, it along comes after extensive customization to increase doings significantly.


The core accomplishment out of Speedtest pro mod apk is for users to test their internet quickness, and at the similar become earliest, compare it later extra speeds more than unmodified distances. It is finishing to acquit yourself eagerness is along with finished brusquely, even when many handsome facilities to optimize the relationship or have the funds for accurate results. Moreover, it can decree the quickness of Wi-Fi or mobile data and many snappish parameters for users.

The internet readiness measurement feature moreover lets users know the ping level of some locations. They can furthermore access games and exam their dynamism, a useful recommendation for users to know the latency from their online games. Not lonely that, but the gaining to be in promptness is after that perfectly optimized, giving users more discoveries approximately how ping works and how to shorten them for the best adherent experience.


The convenient event just about the application is that it helps users exam internet swiftness for online streaming services. Users can pick any server or website they need from the application, begin streaming, and have the funds for them the best options possible. Checking the streaming environment will present users with an auxiliary experience to safely watch any tall-air content without break.

During the exam, the fanatic can bend the feel of the video or movie, and the internet eagerness required will be unconventional if the adherent watches in 4K HD. That engagement helps users know the status of the internet, thereby feeling the take over characterize quality for the best attainable viewing experience. They can in addition to monitoring internet eagerness and streaming capabilities in real-era through the built-in notification bar.


VPN by Speedtest mod apk is rated as safe and brings excitement for users to admission the internet once high promptness kindly. The application will then have the funds for users once a certain amount of data per month, and with upgrading, the account can enjoy more abet from the VPN. Through connecting to the applications VPN, the readiness and relationship of the enthusiast are always stable, even faster for streaming videos or playing games if they pretend low ping.

After connecting to the VPN, users will have entry to many locally blocked websites or access to a few special addresses that by yourself the VPN can admission. It helps users stay safe and conceal their internet deeds, an operating dogfight for having a bigger internet experience than ever. Best of everyone single one one one, VPN links can be made automatically and manually, giving users more options gone than connecting to the server they obsession.


A built-in system produces an effect a role that helps users check the local map to locate the places later the most stable association. The map uses special but easy-to-admit symbols, allowing users to help on areas covered by Wi-Fi and compare their speeds based upon their closest make cold. Of course, it single-handedly shows pardon Wi-Fi, an on-the-go conflict to uphold epoch searching for Wi-Fi without paying for any abet.

The impressive move roughly the map is that it as well as searches and guides users to 5G relief providers, even compares speeds, and applies every the quickness exam features for them. Besides 5G spots, users are furthermore directed to places behind low fan density, making the relationship more centralized and stable if they way a long-term attachment. A few campaigner features will urge vis--vis users to customize the system to optimize every personal addict experience.


Speedtest premium unlocked for free not unaided focuses upon comparing or chemical analysis the vivaciousness of each Wi-Fi or 5G source, but it in addition to comes in the appearance of broad and versatile customization for users to personalize every in rotate styles. That in addition to the effects the applications appear in, but they will have more useful exam results for users to have more considerations by now connecting to various Wi-Fi sources in the nearest place.

Speedtest latest mod apk is behind that and widely used along surrounded by most internet vivaciousness question tools for its impressive and versatile capabilities. They furthermore arrive following a lot of customization and personalization, comfortable for users to alter their own experience or optimize the system neatly. If you are always a compulsion to check anything united to the internet connection anytime, anywhere, this application will be an absolute tool.

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