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App name Muslim Pro: Azan Muslim Prayer
Developer Bitsmedia Pte Ltd
Version v12.1.6
Size 25 MB
Mod info Premium Unlocked
Credits Dot Modifier
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Islam is currently one of the most famous religions globally; it is often concentrated in Middle Eastern countries and has made a to your liking contribution to peoples daily lives. Even even even though someone has left the country to do something away from quarters, their hearts are yet directed towards Islam along taking into account divine teachings. But not everyone has the unintentional to attend to Islam, as an outcome they'll habit a talented, convenient app. This article will introduce Muslim Pro, a popular application for Islam. It is intended to bring to all users the knowledge and teachings of Islam and serve them have the most accurate prayer time gone Middle Eastern times.


Muslim Pro is originally an application for Muslims, so it will have an Islamic-style interface for fresh use and enjoying the best experience. On the home page will be the knowledge and teachings of Islam, even classified into many categories. Users will be assisted by now a search or scroll engine, allowing them to search for their favorite sermons instantly. Its primary language is English, but users can customize it to appendage languages for the augmented enthusiast experience.


Muslim Pro will automatically align your local prayer times in imitation of the international, thereby creating the most accurate prayer schedule. Prayer has become a regular demonstration for Muslims and becomes more sacred if the enthusiast prays at the right times. Besides providing a change integer bridge period for users, the app will come once many Azans. It is visual and audio notifications for the calls for prayer following many muezzin voices to pick from. Users can customize the application in the settings, gone hundreds of options to have the best adherent experience.


The Holy Quran is considered the bible of Islam, and it is necessary for believers of this religion. Therefore, the app will attend to all Islamic Bibles, translate into new languages, and arrive once many ahead of its era features to easily memorize all content. Not single-handedly that, but it moreover goes when Colored Tajweed for users to publish more adroitly behind reading the Quran. Of course, the application will have audio files for the Quran, and users can hear them anytime, anywhere, taking into account the highest pronunciation and strong mood.


Muslim Pro will have a surgically remove category for Muslims to interact by now, regardless of isolate or language; they can chat and chat about daily liveliness. It is a community behind mostly Muslims. They can freely pray for each optional association to publicize their will on blessings from the gods. There's moreover a place where people accumulation their own stories, adding occurring happening pictures or videos, and there's with a commenting feature. This app not unaccompanied has important features for Muslims but along with connects people to press on their religion.


Muslims often expose their own cultures to the world, as an upshot there are always signs of Islam everywhere, such as culture, food, and entertainment. Therefore, Muslim Pro will have a map showing all the places for Muslims, such as restaurants, schools, and more. With this map, you can easily experience the culture of Islam right in your locality. Of course, the map is multifunctional, previously image setting and fiddle to the fore burning.


Muslim Pro will notice yes users back all the distinctive Islamic culture, even showing little details through many easy things, gone ordinary objects. The app will feature many confession cards for those who regularly greet and agonize to magnify their religion easily reached to the world. All of these admission cards are warmly expected, featuring an Islamic style in each court encounter and writing. Users can afterward make tribute cards on their own and send them out everywhere.


Mecca is considered the holiest place of Islam, so the app will have a compass that helps all believers in the world find Mecca's truthful location. The compass attached to the app's map automatically determines the government of the bird's flight alleyway and even displays the most accurate route for the fanatic to reach an agreement with Mecca independently. It as well as supports audio functions and can guide users to Mecca following just sound, anywhere, anytime. With this application, users will always regard as physical Mecca even in an inconsistent country.

Muslim Pro in addition to having many handsome features for Muslims even has the doing to translate all Islam content into irregular languages. It is next considered an omnipotent tool for believers of Islam and ready to sustain them anytime, anywhere. If you are a Muslim or avid in this religion, this application is a must-have upon your device.

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