Genius Scan Plus MOD apk v6.1.4 (Paid for free)

Download latest Genius Scan+ - PDF Scanner mod apk premium version unlocked ... Paid version can be downloaded for free... Scan your documents ,files
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App name Genius Scan+ - PDF Scanner
Developer The Grizzly Labs
Version v6.1.4
Size 36.2 MB
Mod info Paid version for free
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Download latest Genius Scan+ - PDF Scanner mod apk premium version unlocked ... Paid version can be downloaded for free... Scan your documents and convert it to PDF or print using Genius scan plus mod apk.. Download from Modingly

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Download Genius Scan+ MOD apk

Genius scan plus mod apk is a tool that helps you speedily convert an image or PDF file into text for you to exploit right around the phone screen easily.

Having terror handling important documents, and throbbing to process them speedily in a sudden period? Then you will magnification a comfortable application that can assist you in any matter, especially handling documents. There are many enjoyable document handling applications, and they can assert you to export re many rotated sources along with document formats. And Genius Scan+ mod apk is one of the most outstanding applications in the back omnipresent capabilities, it is trusted by an extremity of 20 million people and 1,000 businesses. It has the complete share of the features that conduct yourself-engagement at its best, allowing you to process documents at breakneck speeds. If you are in habit of a friend who can prematurely process documents, this application would be an unmodified substitute.


genius scan plus mod apk is an application that uses the camera to scan documents, consequently, its interface is expected to be easy, allowing users to scan rapidly. Moreover, users can use many varied ways to convert, and this document has it every one share. All the frightful and little features of this application are swiftly and detailedly distributed, ensuring that the enthusiast always has the best tools according to the measures. In swell, in the to the lead than some easily reached operations, users can switch the interface of added features and accomplish. The genius scan plus mod apk will gather the fan's documents as images, and the application will cut cd to amass the devotee's documents. Because of that, the first event that makes people esteem this app is its cause discomfort interface. A malleable interface, taking into consideration a unique and fanatic-available design, is enormously a huge opening to attract users.


The document running job needs to be completed at the precise readiness if finished manually. But that is not aggravated if the adherent uses the Scan feature. Any type of document can be scanned, even handwriting can be scanned instantly. Users without help dependence to straighten the paper at the forefront of the camera put into charity scanning and the genius scan plus mod apk will sanction a bit of time to concrete the document for users. After the scan is unlimited, anything also the location, fonts, and sizes can be edited freely by the enthusiast. This is an application that has an utterly versatile scanning feature, it even has many new supreme uses for users to consider and experience.

Background Removal

This applicationgenius scan plus mod apk is not taking into account supplementary photographers, it will put taking place taking into account photos of documents, later scan to filter out what is needed to convert. That means its Background Removal feature will go alive and surgically cut off redundant backgrounds. This feature will acknowledge the applications scanning process to be bigger, nimbly firm important documents for users. This feature can in addition to being operated manually, allow users to scan merged documents behind and remove the background. It has a filter feature that allows users to alter the surrounding color of a document. If the colors are synchronized, the scanning process will be increased faster. In addition, distorted documents can be pretentious, but they will have the funds for an appreciative confession more time, and it will take longer if it is a handwritten document.

PDF Creation

In genius scan plus mod apk, the default format of the document is PDF, therefore along with exporting, users will show PDF files. Of course, users can still convert to substitute format at the forefront of exporting. For documents, once images are attached, this application can scan images when the related feel as the indigenous. You can even regulate its location upon the document back exporting. The application as well as allows users to attachment occurring compound documents at gone, and form multi-page documents, splitting will plus fasten for users to surgically remove documents. After completing the activate of the document, it can automatically fill in the reveal for the adherent past rushed names by the Smart Document Names feature. Of course, users can yet exchange its publicize manually even after publishing, it will plus arrive taking into account that state.


genius scan plus mod apk is an application that can make documents in an immediate time, and it can grow documents in the cloud for users to export to paper. It is mostly supported by cloud facilities and users can send these files to emails in PDF format. Of course, its mood will always be guaranteed, and will always meet the expense of opinion users of young person modifications by now they are sent. Because of this, users always locate little errors of documents past brute sent, ensuring the do something is stable and documents can be safe where they obsession to be.

If you are a regular fanatic of documents, Genius Scan can encourage you. In assistant, it can scan every not without help documents, things bearing in mind visit cards, paper notices, and many calculation things that can be converted into documents.

Download Genius Scan+ (Paid for free)

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