REFACE v2.16.0 MOD apk (PRO Unlocked)

Download Reface MOD 2022 apk with no watermark on downloaded videos, Enabling custom gifs from phone... Premium version of Reface is unlocked

App name Reface MOD apk
Version v2.16.0
Size 37 MB
Mod info Watermark Removed/ Custom gif refacing
Mod credits MustHave, AKmods
Playstore visit playstore

Download Reface (MOD, Premium Unlocked)

Download Reface MOD 2022 apk with no watermark on downloaded videos, Enabling custom gifs from phone... Premium version of Reface is unlocked

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MOD info / Instructions
⏩ Features and mod :
🔶The ability to use any gif files is unlocked
🔷Removed watermark after gif processing (it will be present in the video)
🔶Installed separately from the original
🔷This is the latest stable version of the mod with working loading of your gifs and disabling the watermark!
🔶Unlocked Advanced features

⚠️ Try other version if the primary is not working
⚠️ Some server side features are not unlocked

Whats all about Reface MOD apk

REFACE (also known as Doublicat) is an application that automatically swaps your face into any video, helping you to create movies with impressive effects. Face swap has been one of the most popular jokes online. The two take a selfie together but one person’s face is on the other’s body to create funny effects. Up to now, this is not as fun as before but it still brings a lot of laughter to the user. As long as people still like to use, these types of applications will continue to be released. REFACE: Face swap Videos is one of the most popular and used applications.

Easy-to-use application with simple steps

You only need to download the application and then access its features without having to go through any steps. First, there will be some tips to guide you. This will bring up a Take A Selfie option in the middle of the screen so you don’t have to wait any longer. Like you just closed your eyes and follow the instructions on the screen is able to make yourself a video face swap. You do not need to study how to use it, nor do you need to read the manual, the experiment will teach you everything. In the next step, there will be a lot of videos that you can make as the main characters are arranged directly below. You just need to touch everything to experiment and have fun with what you have.

Your selfies will be applied to the highest quality

Many other applications, you will have to take a lot of photos so that they can recognize your face. This is also quite true if you want a true work with the best face. However, for an app that only focuses on having fun, there is no need to do so many steps. You just need to take a selfie of your own and the app will do everything. You do not need to spend too much time selecting the swap area.

AI of Reface MOD apk to do everything for you. Depending on the quality of the camera, your photos will be included in the video with the quality. In general, the current mobile device is enough to create the perfect work. The extracted video will be at the highest quality. That means the template templates have been made with extremely high quality already. The details of your face will be replaced by the faces of famous actors. In general, everything will be perfectly prepared at the HQ level to full HD. The higher your camera is, the more realistic your videos will be.

A lot of different videos to choose from

This will be like a prank. You use these Face Swap videos to trick your friends into thinking they just made a famous Hollywood movie. Therefore, there are many sample videos that are applied to the camera. It’s like you just need a selfie-and your face will be inserted into the video instead of the celebrity’s face. If you are a music lover, you will probably want to stand on stage like Justin Bieber.

Sometimes you want to become the most popular superhero, Spider-Man. Sometimes you want to be strong like The Rock Johnson. All of these videos will be collected and arranged in frames from top to bottom. You will be able to scroll freely and find out which video you want to use the most. Touch that and after a few seconds, you will become a famous actor. New videos will be updated daily. You will easily become a celebrity whenever you like. Sometimes there will be videos or characters that you like but this application has not yet updated. Leave your comments to let the production team know your needs. They will quickly update everything to meet the needs of users.

The network that the unique social network closely connects to helps users express themselves

After you’ve made these videos, it’s impossible to avoid sharing them with your friends. If you download the video to your device and then upload it to the social networking sites, it will take a lot of effort. Many complex steps will make the quality of the video greatly reduced. “Reface MOD apk: face swap videos” will save you a lot of time by connecting directly to many famous social networking sites. Just take a selfie, let the AI ​​/ ML face swap technology work, wait a bit, then share it on social platforms with direct links. With 3 steps, you can easily get a perfect video face swap.

Download REFACE MOD (Older Versions)

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