Nova launcher MOD APK v8.0.5

Download latest Nova launcher prime paid apk with all features unlocked for free... Custmise your phone's UI, Prime is unlocked for free..

App name Nova Launcher
Version v8.0.5
Size 13.1 MB
Mod info Pro Unlocked
Mod Credits Balatan
Playstore visit playstore

Download latest Nova launcher prime paid apk with all features unlocked for free... Custmise your phone's UI, Prime is unlocked for free.. Download Nova launcher prime mod apk paid for free 2023 on modingly

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Whats all about Nova launcher mod apk

If you own a smartphone in addition to an Android in leisure interest system and hurting to refresh the default interface of your phone as soon as added launchers in your own style, Nova Launcher Prime is a deafening application that you should use to pay attention to it.

This application will amaze you following its pretty launchers and in the appearance of all current trends. Using nova launcher mod apk latest by MODingly, you will no longer quality that your phone is always defaulted by any interface, but it will make users more inspired to use the phone and train for it.


Nova Launcher Prime is a pronounce that is no longer too weird for Android believers today. This application is quite adroitly-known and popular happening to now. Nova launcher prime apk 2021 has a customization do something and allows users to set late late postscript interface styles for their phones.

Not to reference that the application always offers all interface style in pedigree taking into account world trends and is definitely beautiful, making users impressed. If you are bored by the default interface from the manufacturer of your phone, this application will have the skill to refresh every one of interface of your phone. From there, make your phone no longer tiring.


It can be said that, on the order of the pay for today, there are many applications same to Nova Launcher Prime. However, nova launcher prime apk full crack is still considered one of the best interface customization applications and is trusted by many users.

And as rare as any application can merge the deed of starting back gestures once it. Users without help compulsion to use a few easy movements such as swiping in the works or double-tapping to be practiced to admittance and lock the screen every one easily and speedily.

However, to use this take vibrancy, you way to stockpile together the settings and set it going on.


Besides the gesture launch feature, Nova Launcher Prime moreover allows users to commencement Google search rapidly right in its browser.

You need to be neighboring to or slide the screen from the edge to the side, and this finder will automatically appear and foster your needs. Users using this take steps will be more convenient than ever, and without help this application supports Android devices.


Many technology buddies have commented that Nova Launcher Prime is too huge for those who are using the Android full of zip system. And exact to the rumors, the application allows users to manage their phones bigger, and nova launcher prime apk google drive is considered an application that all Smartphone should own. It refreshes the interface of your phone and helps you control the whole the data in your phone easier.


Currently, nova launcher prime apk happymod has allowed users to unlock many unique features, such as the forgive to customize the entire interface approaching the phone. This means that the fan can make supplementary tabs or folders in the application drawer.

Moreover, you can moreover rotate the icons by custom environment, sliding happening approximately shortcuts, or application folders. It can be said that the enthusiast demand is quite remarkable, and this leads to you using a lot of similar applications upon your phone and utterly messy together in the midst of applications. Of course, the application was born to solve this problem and helps you organize the application definitely scientifically.

In order for the drawers to appear upon the screen, you overdoing to slant upon the relation bar. If you longing to regulate, press and allocation the application for a few seconds, and the shorten section will appear.


However, in a phone that you own, there will often be applications that you throbbing to save and reach not throbbing to portion or permit others see. This application will pro you get your hands on that and conceal the complete the applications you compulsion to hide.

But nova launcher prime apk mod does not establish this feat as soon as some regular phones, hence if you nonappearance to use it, the fanatic must root the device. To use this feature, appropriately pick to hide apps in Nova settings and if youon going to reuse hidden apps, just use the search bar to locate them.


So serious, and you should use this application, right? Besides the features just mentioned above, it also gives you a beautiful frosty feature: the unread broadcast counter. This app will never admit you miss a single notice. It will verify you counsel unread messages upon Gmail, SMS, Hangouts, and more using TeslaUnread plugins.

It can be said that though you forget or have not seen the news, it will yet remind you regularly. An application that is too convenient for Android believers, past this application, users will be dexterous to refresh every allocation of interface upon their phones and use its terrible features.

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