BlockerX v4.8.30 MOD apk (Premium Unlocked)

Download latest BlockerX mod apk with all premium features unlocked for free... Best app to quit pXrn and improve concentration..
App name BlockerX Porn Blocker,Quit Porn & Do Safe Search
Version v4.8.30
Size 75.9 MB
Mod info Pro Unlocked
Mod Credits RBmods
Playstore visit playstore

Download BlockerX MOD apk (Ad-Remove/VIP)

Download latest BlockerX mod apk with all premium features unlocked for free... Best app to quit pXrn and improve concentration.....

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Whats all about BlockerX mod apk

blockerx mod apk by MODingly is an full of zip porn website filter for Android phones. It can furthermore foster you save kids away from adult content by enforcing safe search in description to major search engines. Porn sites / adult content sites are the whole blocked, helping you to be productive.

Main features of BlockerX

The main features of blocker X MOD apk are the following ones...

Porn blocker

The porn blocking functionality blocks all types of adult content as soon as the click of a button. If you painful feeling to block specific websites or apps, you can added use the app blocker / website blocker functionality.

Quit Porn & Go Fapless

blockerx mod apk latest version provides all kinds of preserve to users who are in their fapless journey. If your aspire is creature fapless or no pmo for 90 days, subsequently blockerx pro mod apk can be a permitted tool as it can lead you stay off porn without depending in revolutionize to your will gift. This app can urge regarding the subject of you to ensure a fap to hand November.

Word blocker

Different people acquire triggered by interchange kinds of content. This feature is enormously useful for people who nonattendance to block specific words from their browsers and apps. For example, if you lack to block the word/phrase adult video, you can block it and any web page containing this word/phrase will be automatically blocked.

Website blocker

This functionality blocks specific websites that you profit inattentive by. You can enter the domain proclaim of the website for it to be blocked. Website blocker functionality is altogether useful in your fapless journey and quitting porn addiction.

Safe search & Block Porn

By default, the app furthermore enforces safe search. Safe search ensures that adult content is filtered in search engines associated to Google, Bing etc. This along with enforces restricted mode in Youtube which filters adult videos upon Youtube.

App blocker To Quit porn

App blocking can at the forefront occurring you to block apps that you locate distracting moreover Instagram, Whatsapp, Youtube etc. Apps progress to the blocklist will not be accessible.


blockerx premium mod apk has an lithe community of people who are upon a same passage of quitting porn. You can call & declaration peers to make a get your hands on of part and upholding upon your fapless journey.You can in addition to late gathering to each and every one community. The community helps users scuffle their porn addiction mannerism together.

Accountability scarf in crime

Quitting porn can indeed be unquestionably hard upon your own. Hence, we team you occurring considering a friend of yours, called an accountability optional extra. Your buddy helps you stay accountable to your goals.

Prevent uninstall

The most common hardship taking into account porn blocker apps is that they can be turned off easily. With blockerx mod apk latest version, you cant uninstall unless allowable by your accountability accomplice in crime. This feature makes the blocker animate and helps overcome porn addiction without depending upon willpower. This functionality requires device administrator right of entry (BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN).

Articles & videos (resources)

Do you lack to know more just about porn addiction and how to quit it? Dont badly setting unwell, we have experts who write just about such topics plus: dealing gone urges, quitting porn, why porn is consequently addictive etc. This section not without help provides knowledge upon porn addiction, but along with provides practical tips in quitting porn addiction.

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