How to Type NDA (ണ്ട), NTE Malayalam Word in Photoshop

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Wondered how to type nda (ണ്ട), nta and other malayalam chillaksharangal (ചില്ലക്ഷരങ്ങള്‍) in Photoshop and other Adobe products? You came to the right place. Aswin Benny has the answer. I will be saying both the online method and a complete offline method. Hope that this tutorial is usefull to you. There will be 3 methods . Follow it completely, It is working 100%.  How to Type NDA (ണ്ട), NTE Malayalam Word in Photoshop in 2021 . 3 methods to type malayalam chillaksharam like Nda, Nte in Photoshop and in other adobe products. Explore Photoshop tutorials for malayalam posters.


Before reading this blog "How to Type NDA (ണ്ട), NTE Malayalam Word in Photoshop" , I really advise you to watch my blog on typing malayalam in PC. Its really simple and I have explained about both online and offline methods for his task. I have explained a manglish keyboard for PC that works  completely offline. If you have not read this post ,


It is the most simplest method to Type NDA (ണ്ട), NTE Malayalam Word in Photoshop. All we had to do is to change the settings of photoshop that's all. Follow the procedure :
  • Open Photoshop
  • Go to EDIT menu > PREFERENCE > TYPE 
  • In the right side choose the TEXT ENGINE OPTIONS to "Middle Eastern and South Asian"
Now malayalam chillaksharangal is supported by your photoshop. Type in the characters using the google malayalam input tools or any other method told in the previous blog. Not only malayalam is supported now, But other regional Indian languages are supported.
screenshot of photoshop "type' submenu in preference
 Edit > Preference > Type
Photoshop screenshot of enabling middle eastern and south Asian settings in text engine
Text engine options > Middle Eastern and South Asian

If  you  face any issues regarding the change of settings . Watch the video below.


It is an offline method to Type NDA (ണ്ട), NTE Malayalam Word in Photoshop, But you are required to install the Typeit software and the FML font pack on your PC. If you havent installed it already click the links below to download it for free.

Download Typeit
Download Fml fonts pack

Install typeit software and fml fonts on your computer. 
  • Type the text in notepad to be added in photoshop ,eg: ചെണ്ടക്കാരന്‍
  • Copy the text ( CTRL +C )
  • Open Typeit software 
  • Select CONVERT > COPY TO > FML
  • Paste it into the text area of photoshop 
  • Change the font to an FML font

Screenshot of copy pasting a malayalam word from notead
Copy the words
Screen shot of Typeit software
Open Typeit software and click convert > paste from > unicode
Screenshot of typeit
Select convert > copy to > FML
Pasting fml codes to photoshop
Paste it on the text area on photoshop
Changing to fml font in photoshop
Choose an FML font

If you have any doubt regarding it. Please watch the video below for complete explanation on How to Type NDA (ണ്ട), NTE Malayalam Word in Photoshop

How to install fml fonts

  • Extract the rar file using winrar or 7zip
  • Select all fonts needed (CTRL + A )
  • Right click on the mouse
  • Choose Install 


It is a complete online method for those who do not like to install any softwares in their computer. It is something similar to method 2 and it is a must that you need FML fonts installed in your PC.
  • Open kuttypencil website from the below link, type the word in manglish, on clicking space bar it will get converted to malayalam word. 
  • Click on convert button and choose Fml 
  • Paste it to photoshop
  • Choose an fml font
View KuttyPencil website

Screenshot of kuttypencil website


I hope that this blog was usefull for you. For more of these articles please bookmark this page. My favourite method is the first one, it supports with all unicode fonts and doesnt need FML fonts to be installed in your computer.
With ❤ Aswin Benny
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